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Always and everywhere insight into the financial status of your company

Do you feel your online administration could use an upgrade?
SFAA Administratiekantoor Amsterdam takes away your work regarding financial advice, financial administration and everything in between. We handle the administration for various entrepreneurs and specialize in achieving the ultimate tax advantage for Start-up and Scale-up companies. SFAA is your online partner in administrative work, saving you time and money.

Fransen & Kroes Brokers
Fransen & Kroes Brokers
Guillaume Fransen
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As a small, relatively new office, accounting is not the first thing you want to deal with, a lot of new terms and activities. Thanks to the short lines with our account manager Pauline Dekker and the quick switching of the rest of the team, we hardly have to worry about this.
Kees-Jan Hoogeveen
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We used to like it when someone came to our office, because you can then easily approach them with any questions. But we have noticed that this is actually not necessary if it works well online, we can now always switch with you. In addition, Exact online provides all the insight you need.
Jansensmit Brokers and Appraisers
Jansensmit Brokers and Appraisers
Erik Smit
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An excellent experience with SFAA for many years, they are prompt, friendly and helpful. And give good advice. This company is definitely recommended!
IBT Marktonderzoek
IBT Marktonderzoek
Eelco Hofma
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As an entrepreneur, I love my own business. Business management, working on the content of my profession, all things I like to spend my time on. . However, I am not directly interested in conducting the administration. Fortunately, that is in good hands with SFAA: smooth and correct processing and continuous access to current figures. And all that for a decent rate. That is why I like to outsource my administration to SFAA.
Broker Bert
Broker Bert
Bert Jonker
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As an entrepreneur I don't feel like doing administration, that's why I've been working with SFAA for 5 years now. They are a good match, they are always available and have answers to our questions. We are satisfied and look forward to further cooperation.
FD gazelle SFAA
Administration office Amsterdam SFAA | Financieel Administratiekantoor & Advies
Administration office Amsterdam SFAA | Financieel Administratiekantoor & Advies

SFAA - Administration Office Amsterdam

The innovative,
award winning administrative office
of Amsterdam

The Exact Cloud Award is the annual election for accounting and administration firms that take innovation and collaboration with their customers to great heights. We are proud to say that we have won the Exact Cloud Award for Innovation 2020-2021.
We stand beside you as an entrepreneur. We look at how your finances are doing and help make administration as easy as possible for you. Because we work with companies from all industries, we have super knowledge and can really help entrepreneurs move forward with our consultancy start-up.
In addition, we can call ourselves one of the fastest-growing companies for four years and have once again received the FD Gazellen Award.

The financial
administrative office for
entrepreneurs who want to grow

SFAA's working method is characterised by an open and honest approach. We want to be a solution-oriented service provider in everything. Do you feel your administration could use an upgrade? If so, we are happy to work together to get the administration in order. from SFAA, administration office Amsterdam, you will get honest advice that will really help you. We want to use our expertise to grow your business!

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Financieel advies Amsterdam

Want to transfer? We’ll get in touch and handle your transfer!

Do you want to switch to us from your current accounting firm? Then this can be done effortlessly with SFAA’s transfer service. We will get in touch with your current accountant and ensure that everything is taken over carefully. This way, we take care of you from the very beginning as your remote financial department.

Transparent & easy

Because we keep the accounts online, you have insight into the figures anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you scan your receipts with an app. So no sticking receipts and dragging multi folders. This works easily and is much more efficient.


At SFAA, the meter does not start running as soon as you ask a question. You will have a dedicated contact at SFAA with knowledge of your business. That way we are one step ahead of you and can offer proactive advice!


Online accounting saves a lot of hassle, time and therefore money. Because we work super efficiently, you can save up to 50% on financial administration. We make accounting easy!
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We are the Exact partner that supports your organisation.

Online administration

We automate and digitise your administration. You submit your receipts and invoices via the app. We do the rest. We arrange everything in an online accounting programme.
Safe, easy and efficient.

Tax return

Our tax all-rounders take care of VAT returns, annual statements or corporate tax. But we also look with you when it is tax convenient to invest. And reminding you to pay the VAT. No more fines!

Advice for your business

We love helping companies with growth ambitions with the financial side of business. Because many of our clients are startups and scale-ups, we have also really developed into an expert.

Financial advise

We cast a critical eye over expenses and bring structure to your records. We look beyond the numbers and are a business sparring partner. The fresh perspective of our financial heroes can make quite a difference to your business.