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Enthusiastic, committed and cost-effective

We stand beside you as an entrepreneur. We look at how your finances are doing and help make administration as easy as possible for you. We work in the cloud, which is easier and more insightful. Our goal is to enable entrepreneurs to do business. We are good at finance and solve administration and tax 'hassles'. SFAA's accounting wizards are also happy to vet the financial side of your business. We see what could be better, easier and more economical. This way, we help you save costs.

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We make taxes

We are an online administration office. That means you don't have to stick receipts with us or drag around multiple folders. It is also not necessary to email files back and forth. We work in an accounting program in the cloud. As a result, you have real-time insight into the administration. You can see your results anywhere and anytime. How much money is coming in, how much is going out, and what your profit is. Clear, transparent and, moreover, less hassle. As a result, you will have more time to do business!

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Administration office located in the heart of Amsterdam.

Our online administration office is not just on the internet. Our actual office is located on Koningsplein, in the heart of Amsterdam. Feel free to drop by and discuss finances! Of course, because we are an online administration office, this is not necessary! It doesn’t matter if you are just around the corner or at the southern tip of Limburg. We are happy to help!

Apps and tools

The team at SFAA stays on top of developments in financial apps and online tools. We aim to make it as easy as possible for the entrepreneur, so we are always looking for useful new tools.

Of course, not everyone is an online expert. No worries. Our team is happy to assist you in finding your way to an easier administration online. That is the advantage of an online administration office. Want to know more about our online administration? Then continue reading here.

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The financial heroes of SFAA Administration Office.

SFAA’s financial and tax heroes know what they’re talking about. Because we work with companies from all sectors, we have a wealth of knowledge in-house. And we can truly help entrepreneurs with our advice. The SFAA team includes highly meticulous administrators, business experts, and intelligent financial advisors. We are all passionate about finances and helping entrepreneurs. Because our entire team of specialists is located in one place, we can quickly adapt and tackle any entrepreneurial challenge. You can think of us as your own finance department. A team of specialists who manage the finances of your business. We like to stay one step ahead for our clients. Before you run into a financial stumbling block, we’ve already solved it.

Brand passport SFAA

In our brand passport, you can read about what we stand for and why SFAA exists. We hope to convey the feeling and identity of SFAA through this brand passport!