Working method of SFAA

Tailored personal advice

When you choose to engage SFAA for support or advice on financial matters, we first have a conversation with you to get to know you and the problem you have. Because we want to get to know you, we are happy to come by.

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After the appointment, we will write a proposal based on the information we received from you during the meeting. We will contact you two working days after we have sent you this proposal. This way, we can answer any questions and explain the proposal further. If you agree with SFAA's proposal, we will draw up an agreement and ask you to provide the documentation necessary to keep your records. As soon as we have all the necessary documents, we will set up your administration. SFAA works entirely in the cloud, so you can always check your finances. To help you on your way, we will schedule an appointment after setting up the administration. To give you a crash course in online administration and explain a few things about our tools and apps.


In order to provide good advice about the financial situation of your company, we first look at the legal form, the number of FTE (full-time and part-time), the product and/or services, customers, suppliers, opening hours and location. Moreover, we ask you a lot of questions: where do you want to grow with your company and what are the possibilities and limitations? Based on this conversation, we will prepare a suitable offer for you!

Jouw administratieve afdeling op afstand

As soon as we are allowed to take over the financial administration of your company, we will initially discuss your wishes with you. We then take over your accounting and ensure that your incoming and outgoing invoices are processed correctly. SFAA strives to work as efficiently as possible. That is why we use handy tools and software. This allows you to photograph receipts and invoices via an app or email them to your own digital mailbox. The supplied documents are processed and booked by us. With the software tools from SFAA you always have insight into the current status of your administration.

SFAA's switching service

Do you already have an accountant, but would you like to transfer your business administration to SFAA? We make sure that you can switch without any worries. For example, we contact the former accountant to make the switch as efficient as possible. You will be proactively guided by SFAA when setting up or structuring your financial administration and bank connections. We are happy to explain the possibilities of our online accounting program.

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