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Online accounting for real estate agencies and appraisers

SFAA has many brokerage firms and appraisers in its customer base. As a result, we are specialized in achieving the ultimate tax benefit for this industry. An industry in which many benefits can be gained and it is important that the tax is done properly by the book. This way you can save a lot of time and money. Download our 10 free tips now and take the first steps towards a clear, neat and above all saving administration. Do you want to know what it would cost to outsource your administration to SFAA? Request a quote without obligation using the quote tool.

Fransen & Kroes Brokers
Fransen & Kroes Brokers
Guillaume Fransen
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As a small, relatively new office, accounting is not the first thing you want to deal with, a lot of new terms and activities. Thanks to the short lines with our account manager Pauline Dekker and the quick switching of the rest of the team, we hardly have to worry about this.
Broker Bert
Broker Bert
Bert Jonker
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As an entrepreneur I don't feel like doing administration, that's why I've been working with SFAA for 5 years now. They are a good match, they are always available and have answers to our questions. We are satisfied and look forward to further cooperation.
Jansensmit Brokers and Appraisers
Jansensmit Brokers and Appraisers
Erik Smit
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An excellent experience with SFAA for many years, they are prompt, friendly and helpful. And give good advice. This company is definitely recommended!
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SFAA: the specialist for estate agents and appraisers

The most important thing for any administration is to have a clear overview of your expenses and income, so you can see exactly what you spend (too much) money on, what your biggest sources of income are and how your company is doing. SFAA specializes in the online administration of your work. By working with SFAA you always and everywhere have insight into the financial status of your company. We relieve your real estate agency of the administration and accounting.

The three biggest advantages of SFAA according to brokers and appraisers:

  • Time saving: Time is money, and we know that too!
  • Money saving: Get the ideal tax benefit.
  • Smooth cooperation: SFAA is known as an excellent business partner that assists you proactively, awarded with the gold Luca level 4.

All in all: a higher profit at the end of the line and fewer hours spent? That sounds like a win-win situation to us!

The working method of SFAA

We are an online administration office, which means that we take care of your administration online (in Exact online). This is cost effective, easy to understand and gives you insight into your finances anytime, anywhere.

Do you already have an accountant, but would you like to transfer your business administration to SFAA? We make sure that you can switch without any worries. For example, we contact the former accountant to make the switch as efficient as possible. You will be proactively guided by SFAA when setting up or structuring your financial administration and bank connections. We are happy to explain the possibilities of our online accounting program. Do you want to know more about SFA? Take a look at our brand passport!

Linking your real estate agency to the administration

At SFAA we have a lot of experience with real estate agencies and appraisers and setting up and executing their administrations. This way you are assured of an affordable, but above all well-arranged administration. Here you can see exactly how much room you still have to make investments, make purchases and see exactly when you are entitled to compensation.

There is a lot of innovation in the field of automation linked to accounting software, which means that there are often opportunities for improvement for your administration. This can save you time, money and a lot of actions. SFAA has been voted the most innovative administration office in the Netherlands 2020-2021. This way we are always aware of new links that can improve our work!

Questions about your administration?

Do you have questions about your administration? How can you save money with your administration or how can you integrate useful links into your accounting software? Contact us! SFA is here to help! Send us an email to, would you rather speak to someone directly? Then call to +31 20 26 10 723. With the button below you can request a quote without obligation.

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