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Corparate tax return (vpb in Dutch)

Are you the owner of private company or a public limited liability company, and do you want to outsource your corparation tax? SFAA is here to help!

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Outsource your corporation tax at SFAA

Corporation tax, also called VPB in dutch, is the tax that you have to pay as a owner of a profitable companie. The corporationtax is a yearly obligation in the Netherlands. In the corparation tax you report how much profit your companie has made over the past year. After this is done the corporation tax is being calculated. The tax for legal entities is the same as the corporate tax for individuals. Click on the button below to immediately receive a quote (its free).

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After drawing up the annual accounts of your companie SFAA will take care of the corporation tax. The declaration has to comply the dutch tax law. The financial experts of bookkeeping office SFAA know all the ins & outs of Dutch tax laws.

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After declaring the corporation tax you will receive a deposit stating how much you need to pay with your corporation. The hight of the amount is dependable on the hight of the profit which is made by the companie and the amount of input-tax paid in the beginning of the financial year. Because SFAA works with software in the cloud you have these insights all year round. Good to know. that way you know exactly when it is smart to invest!

Outsource your corporation tax?

Want to know more or do you have any questions? Get in contact with bookkeeping office SFAA! We are here to help! 

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