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Do you want to outsource the administration of your crypto, but still have insight anytime, anywhere? We do your administration in the Cloud and give you advice! This way you can continue to focus on what you are good at: doing business!

Administratie in de cloud

Read here why SFAA is the administration office for the administration of crypto!

At SFAA we specialize in advising companies through our years of experience in finance. We work completely in the cloud, which means that you have 24/7 insight into your finances, and that a personal account manager always looks at your shares in crypto with you. As a result, we received the Exact cloud award for innovation last year!

Your personal account manager knows exactly how you can achieve the ultimate tax benefit, because of the short lines, you always switch quickly and you are always aware of the state of affairs of your company. SFAA helps with the administration for entrepreneurs. This way you can maximize your profit from crypto.

We help you grow your business, inform you when you are eligible for tax deductions and take care of all the 'tax stuff'! This way you can focus on what really matters, crypto!

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Accounting of crypto in 2022!

As an entrepreneur you want to have insight into your finances and crypto anytime, anywhere, which is why bookkeeping in the cloud is perfect for every entrepreneur (young and old). Are you dreading the switch to cloud accounting? At SFAA, we make sure you get all your questions answered during the onboarding process. We will also contact your previous bookkeeper to make sure the transfer goes smoothly, if you did your own bookkeeping before this we will arrange the transfer together.

The online bookkeeping of SFAA is done through administration software Yuki and Exact online. With this accounting software you can gain a lot of insight into your company so that you know exactly where you can save, invest or spend extra time on. This way you maximize your profit while you have to spend less time on your accounting. More profit in less time spent? That sounds like a win-win situation to us!

SFAA has won the Exact Cloud Award for the year 20/21 for innovation, which we received because we focus on efficiency through smart connections and integrations. This allows us to offer our services at economical prices!

SFAA online crypto administration

If you would like more information about SFAA and our services feel free to look around our website. If you want to speak to someone directly click the button below or send an email to! Always real time insight into your finances has never been easier!

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