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Realizing cost savings

We at SFAA like to think with you about how your business can grow and save costs. Are you curious about how we work? Read all about financial advice on this page.

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Real-time insight into your finances

Do you have an understanding of your company or organization's cost structure? Do you know exactly how much you spend monthly on licenses, for example? Or how much you invest? Chances are you don't know this exactly. That's not at all surprising; a shame, though. Because that's how many business owners lose revenue. We are happy to look with you to realize cost savings within your company.

50% cost savings

Within many organizations, unnecessary high costs are incurred. SFAA’s goal is to help businesses grow. Understanding your company’s cost structure can go a long way. SFAA  not only looks at unnecessary costs, but also investigates how to make certain business processes more efficient by automating as much as possible.
We make sure there is more insight; that’s the first step to cost savings for your business.

Many times, organizations can realize savings of up to 50%. “That’s a lot!”, we hear you thinking. We look critically not only at procurement costs and overhead, but also at business processes and external hours purchased from consulting firms, for example. And yes, that can be very rewarding.

Tailored financial advice

Moreover, because SFAA does not invest in an expensive office building or lease cars, we can offer entrepreneurs competitive rates themselves. SFAA wants to facilitate businesses in their growth and prefers not to focus on making every quarter hour billable. So the knife cuts both ways. If you engage SFAA, you will save on expensive administration hours and your company’s figures will become clear.

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