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Are you curious about the future of your business, and want to make sure that all financial matters are in order for the future? Or do you need a financial report for a loan application? SFAA helps entrepreneurs with a financial analysis!

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Financial analysis and reporting: more insight into your finances!

How is your company currently doing financially? And what does the financial future look like? We don't have a crystal ball in our office. Still, we help entrepreneurs identify the financial condition of their business through financial analysis. We examine how finances were arranged in the past and how things look now. We show what the current situation means for the future financial situation. And we give advice to ensure that things continue to go well in the future. For example, SFAA can estimate your financial situation when you retire. Do you have everything in place or can we work out some things together? And that, of course, is very nice to know.

Outsource financial analysis to Administrative Office SFAA

You want to outsource your financial analysis to Administrative Office SFAA. Then there are different types of financial analysis that are useful in different situations. Below is a list of the types of financial analysis and reporting we can do for you.

No idea exactly what financial analysis you need? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Please feel free to contact us. Then together we can see what will benefit you the most.

Financial analysis Amsterdam

From our office in the heart of Amsterdam, we produce financial reports and analyses for all kinds of companies. Do you enjoy discussing your finances over a cup of coffee? You can! Get in touch and we would love to invite you!

Insight into financial situation thanks to comprehensive financial reporting and analysis

Of course, it’s good to know how your business is doing financially. And whether you can take a financial hit. Because what if you become incapacitated? And will there soon be enough money to enjoy life when you are 70? Outsourcing your financial analysis has many advantages. SFAA’s math wizards sit down with you to see how you are doing with your finances. And of course, we also make and plan to make sure that everything will be in order should things go down financially. A good financial reporting analysis gives you more peace of mind as a business owner.

Financial analysis necessary when applying for credit at the bank

A financial analysis is necessary to be prepared for the future. But if you want to apply for credit with the bank, they naturally want to see that you have your money matters in order. Financial reporting and analysis is often the most important chapter of the business plan for investors. So are you looking to invest soon? Then we can help. Outsourcing your financial analysis is convenient. We make sure it all looks neat. And we like to sit down with entrepreneurs to prepare them for a financing interview. Because that, of course, is not a daily occurrence for many entrepreneurs. Our financial toppers know how to have such a conversation and will help you get started. Because our goal is to help your business grow!

Need financial analysis?

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