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Financial forecast

SFAA has already had the pleasure of assisting many companies in preparing a financial forecast. This is the extension of a financial analysis. A financial forecast is made based on the current situation and the past. To do this, SFAA will look for you for trends in the figures of the previous periods and create a representation of the future based on them.

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Why prepare a Financial Forecast?

Financial projections are particularly useful for examining whether income and expenses are balanced and which items affect them. Making a prognosis is a way of examining whether a company can meet its liquid obligations. The financial forecast you can have SFAA prepare:

In addition to being a useful steering tool for you as a business owner, the bank (or other financial institution) may ask for a forecast when you apply for a loan from them. Preparing a financial forecast is then part of a business plan.

External factors in Financial Forecasting

To make a good financial forecast, we take into account the various aspects that affect the figures, such as, for example, the type of business, the industry in which you operate, the state of the economy and dependence on customers. Based on that data, we prepare a financial forecast for you.

Financial forecast prepared by Administrative Office SFAA?

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