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SFAA has more than 400 companies in its customer base. As a result, we are specialized in achieving the ultimate tax benefit for every company. With Exact’s online accounting software, we always provide real-time insight into the financial health of your company. This way you can save a lot of time and money. We relieve you as an entrepreneur of the administration and accounting in five ways:

  • Money saving: Get the ideal tax benefit.
  • Smooth collaboration: Always a response from your personal account manager within 24 hours.
  • Switching service: Your administration online within 72 hours, free of charge and effortlessly
  • Everything proiveded by SFAA: SFAA guarantees all financial services. From accounting and consultancy to tax services and payroll service. Everything happens in one place!
  • Innovation: SFAA uses the latest accounting software and scan & recognize service. Such as Exact online, Visionplanner and Station 21. This way you have real-time insight into your finances 24 hours a day.

We have been rewarded by Exact online with a nice award because we are busy with innovation and customer-oriented service for years. What are you waiting for? We are your administrative helping hand! Contact us now without obligation!

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The most important thing for any administration is to have a clear overview of your expenses and income, so you can see exactly what you spend (too much) money on, what your biggest sources of income are and how your company is doing. SFAA specializes in the online administration of your work. By working with SFAA you always and everywhere have insight into the financial status of your company.
As an entrepreneur, it is also important to let things go so that you can do what you are really good at: Running a business! At SFAA we facilitate the entrepreneur and we think from the entrepreneur's perception. You also have your personal account manager. He or she knows exactly what is going on within your company. This way we can think along with you and help you the best way we can.

Cloud-based administration

As an entrepreneur, it is in your nature to want insights into the financial status of your company. This way you know exactly which direction to take your business. With an administration in the cloud you can see the financial status of your company at all times. Because the software is linked to your bank, you know in real time how your company is doing.

You can then see exactly how much room there is for investments in your company, how much free space you have in the WKR in that year and thus achieve the ultimate tax benefit. This way we ensure that you effortlessly get the insights you need to grow your business!

Innovation and digitalization

At SFAA we have a lot of experience in setting up and carrying out administrations. This way you are assured of an affordable, but above all well-arranged administration. All this without having to perform (many) actions yourself.

There is a lot of innovation in the field of automation linked to accounting software, which means that there are often opportunities for improvement for your administration. This can save you time, money and a lot of actions. SFAA has been voted the most innovative administration office in the Netherlands 2020-2021 and we are still one of the leaders in the field of innovation. This way we are always aware of new links that can improve our work!

Questions about your administration?

Do you have questions about your administration? How can you save money with your administration or how can you integrate useful links into your accounting software? Contact us! SFA is here to help! Send us an email to, would you rather speak to someone directly? Then call to +31 20 26 10 723. With the button below you can request a quote without obligation.

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