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Do you want to outsource your financial administration, but still retain insight? We do your administration in the cloud, which saves time and costs! No more worries about your administration, we will take care of that for you.

Administration in the Cloud

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We get it
You want to outsource the financial administration. But you can always see how you are doing financially. Then SFAA has the solution. We take care of the administration in the Cloud. That means no more sticking receipts or dragging binders around. And you also don't have to email files back and forth or get started with Dropbox. We will take care of your complete administration (from VAT to annual work) remotely, online, directly in the administration program.

By doing the administration in the Cloud you save time and money. You also have a better financial overview, and a financial expert thinks along with you about how you can best build a structure. We also work with apps and online tools to do the administration as efficiently as possible. Accounting 3.0 so to speak. This way you will have even more time to do business!

Financial administration with administration software,
apps and -tools

We want to automate everything as much as possible. This makes it easier for you as an entrepreneur. You have little to worry about the administrative side of your company and you can focus on what you do best: doing business. We take care of the administration in the Cloud. This means that we work directly in your accounting program. So you can see exactly how things are going.

In addition, we also use online financial tools and products. This allows us to easily and efficiently collaborate on remote financial administration. In short; outsourcing to SFAA saves you more time.

Remote accounting

From our office in Amsterdam we arrange the financial administration remotely for all kinds of companies. From freelancers to larger SMEs, we know what we are talking about. Our goal is to let the entrepreneur do as much as possible. By outsourcing your administration you have more time to do what you are good at. You can think of us as your own remote financial department. With our team we arrange your financial administration fully or partly. Everything that we do?

Financial administration in 
the Cloud: how does that work?

Not everyone is an online hero or equally handy with financial apps and accounting programs. Don’t worry, will you become a customer of SFAA? Then the calculation wizards of SFAA will explain to you in a personal conversation how you can view the administration remotely. Together we download the app and explain how to create a sales invoice. Do you still have questions after this crash course? Then we will of course help you (free of charge)! This can be done by telephone, e-mail or by meeting again. This way, you can outsource the financial administration without any worries.

Financial administration with 
SFAA: we take that extra step

SFAA’s financial heroes don’t just look at the financial process. We can also look at your business from a business point of view. What could be better? Is there a way to save more costs? How can you improve your organizational processes? How do you increase your chances of obtaining financing from the bank? Curious what else we can do for your company? View our services in the field of financial advice and financial administration here.

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