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Jorrit Brocaar, Bluewave Recruitment “Good cooperation"

What is simply great about SFAA is that they think along very well and are very involved. You notice that Annelie (owner of SFAA) herself is really an entrepreneur par excellence. This is also reflected in the way of working, which suits companies like us very well. Because we are still growing very hard with our company, you want an accountant who is a bit involved in the business. That is exactly what SFAA does.

Bluewave Recruitment, Jorrit Brocaar
Kees-Jan Hoogeveen - MARE “Exactly online provides all the insight''

We used to like it when someone came to our office, because you can then easily approach them with any questions. But we have noticed that this is actually not necessary if it works well online, we can now always switch with you. In addition, Exact online provides all the insight you need.

MARE, Kees-Jan Hoogeveen
Tessel de Nijs – Moonen and Partners “nice and above all smooth cooperation”

It is nice and above all smooth working together with the enthusiastic professionals of SFAA. Expert people, easily accessible and I usually get an answer to my questions the same day!

Annelie and her team think along with us and no question is too crazy or too much for them. It’s great that we can confidently focus our attention and time on our core business.

Moonen and Partners, Tessel de Nijs
Rini Schreuder – PAS bv “a breath of fresh air in the financial world”

SFAA is truly a breath of fresh air in the financial world. As a financial advisor, the employees of SFAA are highly skilled and professionally driven. With a refreshing personality, sharpness, thinking along, question and solution orientation, they know how to bring efficiency to financial administrations. Our organization and many other organizations have therefore been able to take cost-saving steps.

Pas BV, Rini Schreuder
Guillaume Fransen: "No need to worry about accounting due to short lines and quick switching"

As a small, relatively new office, accounting is not the first thing you want to deal with, a lot of new terms and activities. Thanks to the short lines with our account manager Pauline Dekker and the rapid switching of the rest of the team, we hardly have to worry about this. Thank you SFAA, we are happy with you!

Fransen & Kroes Makelaars, Guillaume Fransen
Eelco Hofma – IBT Market Research “everything at a decent rate”

As an entrepreneur, I love my own business. Business management, working on the content of my profession, all things I like to spend my time on. The
However, I am not directly interested in conducting the administration. Fortunately, that is in good hands with SFAA: smooth and correct processing and continuous access to current figures. And all that for a decent rate. That is why I like to outsource my administration to SFAA.

IBT, Eelco Hofma
Charlotte Uneken – Owner Charlie Productions

As a creative entrepreneur, I prefer not to deal with the administrative side of running a business. As a creative entrepreneur, I prefer not to deal with the administrative side of running a business. The SFAA team is involved, enthusiastic and ambitious. Characteristics that inspire me as an entrepreneur! Because only when the administrative side of your company is in order, you have the opportunity to grow. SFAA is the administration and consultancy office for me!

Charlie Productions, Charlotte Uneken
Hans Tellingen, Strabo 'SFAA is precise, detailed, enterprising and extremely customer-oriented.'

SFAA is precise, precise, enterprising and extremely customer-oriented. What more do you want as a client?

Well, eh, humor! And they have that there too, at SFAA. Annelie and her team means: profession, a smile and always a good mood.

Strabo Market Research and Real Estate Information, Director/owner:
Hans van Tellingen
Ike Overdiep – Opus 8 “Professional, fast and just very nice”

After the necessary wanderings in the world of financial administration, I am very happy that we ended up at SFAA. The team is fast, you always have an answer in a day. Expert and precise: what you can expect from an administration office. Enthusiastic, customer-oriented and also just very nice. Transparent about costs. In short, a must if you don’t want to spend too much time on this kind of administration, but want it well organized!

Ike Overdiep, owner Opus 8
Wilco Ros – Publi-air ”The ideal collaboration for us!”

The partnership with SFAA runs smoothly and efficiently. They are fast, accurate and always answer within 1 day. Even for complicated issues, there is always someone available with good advice. We are currently very satisfied with the with the automated systems.

Publi-air, Samuel Nuijten
Boatsters Black – Nick Gelevert “everything seamlessly taken over for alllimited liability companies within 4 weeks”

SFAA took over the entire financial administration of all our companies within 4 weeks with retroactive effect. Now everything is systematic and structured. Very happy with it!

Boatsters Black , Nick Gelevert
Erik Smit – Jansensmit makelaars ”This company is definitely recommended!”

An excellent experience with SFAA for many years, they are prompt, friendly and helpful. And give good advice. This company is definitely recommended!

Jansensmit Brokers and Appraisers, Erik Smit
Bert Jonker – Broker BERT “SFAA is often one step ahead of us and always very accessible”

The last thing I feel like doing as an entrepreneur is keeping our administration up to date, so we came into contact with SFAA and immediately knew that their vision and service matched ours. Now more than 5 years later, it remains a wonderful feeling that we know for sure that everything is well organized. They are often one step ahead of us, always very accessible and have an answer to all questions and uncertainties. We are very satisfied with SFAA and therefore look forward to fruitful cooperation in the future. We are happy to grow with you SFAA!

Broker BERT, Bert Jonker
Chris van Voorden – 5miles “pro-active partner who likes to think along with you”

5miles is very happy with SFAA. From the first contact it is clear that SFAA is a pro-active partner who likes to think along with you. When starting 5miles, Annelie Snijder’s team was a pleasant sparring partner for us. Thinking along about the various options, clarifying the considerations and suggesting solutions based on their experience and network. Although SFAA is just around the corner from us, everything that is efficient is digital. Thanks to SFAA, everything is well arranged financially at 5miles, so that we can focus on our own business.

5miles, Chris van Voorden