SFAA's processor agreement

Processor agreement

A processor agreement describes who is responsible when processing personal data if another organisation is used to do so. The agreement talks about a controller (this is you!) and a processor (SFAA).

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Introduction processor agreement

You as a client of SFAA B.V. have an account through SFAA with the accounting and tax software that we use to update your records and put your finances in order. In addition we use the mail for communication. We procure our service providers from a supplier which is complies with the AVG.

Of all the data that you as a customer use with the accounting software and that are recorded are and will continue to fall under the responsibility of you as the customer and you manage it yourself, only when we have this data processing falls under our responsibility. SFAA B.V. acts as a processor. With the contents of the data entered, we prepare reports, make notes on protected servers which are outsourced and managed by a supplier.

External party cooperation

In the interests of our cooperation, we only store necessary data. Given our services, this is privacy-sensitive information.

After you no longer wish to be a customer, data will be kept for 2 years unless otherwise requested. This time is needed to facilitate any transfers and checks.

After that, the data will be deleted. You as a client of SFAA B.V. (Respondent) may attach great importance to adequate protection of your data, which are processed solely for the purpose of the aforementioned tasks and do not occur outside this processing purpose.

More about SFAA

We stand by you as an entrepreneur. We look at how your finances are doing and help make administration as easy as possible for you. We work in the cloud, which is easier and more insightful. Our aim is for entrepreneurs to do business. We are good at finance and solve administration and tax ‘hassles’. SFAA’s accounting wizards are also happy to vet the financial side of your business. We see what could be better, easier and more economical. This is how we help you save costs.

Any questions or interest?

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