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Free Switching Service

At SFAA, we offer a free switching service when you decide to switch to SFAA. In 4 simple steps, we take over your administration without you having to do anything yourself. This way, you can be operational with your administration in the cloud within a week!

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Switching in 4 steps

In 4 simple steps, we transfer your administration. What do you need to do yourself for this? You only need to inform us who your previous accountant was, and we'll take care of the rest! It can be as easy as this to switch to Exact Online administration with SFAA:

What do I need to do?

With SFAA’s switching service, you only need to provide the details of your former accountant. We will contact this accountant and gather their details. If we have any further questions, your personal account manager will inform you! 

After completing the transfer, we will review your administration together to ensure everything is in order. This ensures we start our collaboration right, professionally, and efficiently.

Will no data be lost in the process?

With SFAA’s switching service, we ensure that the administration is taken over in its entirety, so we can be confident that we have everything under control after the transition. Afterward, we set up the environment and check what has been done with the previous accountant. So, no data is lost when switching to SFAA.

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