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Work hard, play hard!

That is our motto at SFAA. After all, a nice cold beer in de Hoppe (our favourite pub around the corner) tastes much better after a hard day's work with your colleagues! Want to join the club? Then take a quick look at our vacancies! Currently we are looking for:

Financieel adviseur
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About SFAA

SFAA, Administratiekantoor Amsterdam, consists of a young team of financial advisors, tax omniscient, math wizards and business experts. Our team of eight men and women helps companies grow. We spar with entrepreneurs, give financial advice with intelligence, and have an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction. We prefer to be one step ahead of our customers. As soon as they knock on the door with a question, we have already found the solution.

Financial Administration 3.0

All administration is done online, in the Cloud. We help companies move toward the new way of working. Out of the binders and books and straight into the Cloud. Great for our customers, because they can see exactly what is happening, it works much faster and also more efficiently. Thanks to this approach, SFAA is growing fast and doubling every year.

What is it like to work at SFAA

Nice of course! In the morning, park your bike at Place Royale and enter an office where you can take lots of Instagram-worthy photos. Then you grab a nice cup of coffee and slap open your laptop, which you got from the business.

We work in a fairly small team. That requires flexibility, and it also gives you a lot of opportunities. You don’t need to collect three signatures from managers before you can implement your idea.

There is hard work and at least as much laughter with us!

The atmosphere is open and informal. At the end of the week, we often pop into the pub for a jolly Friday afternoon drink.

With the whole team we have a cool outing once a year such as a weekend of rafting in the Ardennes.