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Sole Proprietorship or Partnership (ZZP and VOF)

Starting price per month excl. VAT
  • Free setup Exact environment
  • VAT return (VAT filing)
  • Month closure and quarterly evaluation
  • Processing 25 automatic bank transactions p/m
  • Processing 10 manual bookings p/m
  • Contact via email and chat

Limited Liability Company

Starting price per month excl. VAT
  • Everything of Sole Proprietorship
  • Processing 35 automated bank transactions p/m
  • Processing 25 manual bookings p/m
  • Contact with personal account manager via email and phone
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Limited Liability Company Plus Holding

Starting price per month excl. VAT
  • Everything of Limited Liability Company
  • Processing more than 35 automatic bank transactions per month
  • Processing more than 25 manual bookings p/m
  • VPB return for B.V. and N.V.
  • Income tax (IB) returns for general partnerships and sole proprietorships
  • Expert service from your personal account manager


  • Preparing, discussing, and publishing annual work - After calculation €130.00 per hour*
  • Exact Online environment - €35.00 p/m
  • Connecting Applications - €5.00 per app
  • ICP declaration - n.o.t.k.
  • Sparring session financial expert - €135 p/m
  • Sending invoices from EXACT - €10.50 p/m
  • Single engagement with SFAA? (e.g. Financial statements, VAT supplement)

Please note that this is an indication of price!

Monthly subscription costs may vary due to various factors (credit card transactions, payment providers, the choice to invoice in exact amounts, circumstances of your business, etc.). Therefore, we would like to highlight your financial situation during a free consultation, and we will provide you with a customized quote. The price you see is a starting price; the final price may vary depending on the needs within the subscription.

*Additional additions package

The preparation, discussion, and publication of the annual financial statements can be additionally contracted. The same applies to the Corporate Income Tax return for B.V. & N.V.

This will be done on a time-and-materials basis, with a rate of €130.00 per hour for the Corporate Income Tax return for B.V. & N.V. and €105.00 per hour for the preparation of the annual financial statements. Before these activities take place, a forecast will be created regarding the number of hours, and this will be communicated to the client. This way, monthly time can also be reserved within the subscription to be used for year-end services.